About us

Homes at Rajnagar Residency are classy zones of comfort. Convinced and crafted for simple soothing and soul satiating lifestyle, the Rajnagar Residency homes are adorable and affordable. Every living is a guarantee of world class living in pristine luxury. The apartments confirm to the value and worth of a "Home". Suited to individual and family requirements, the Rajnagar Residency apartments come up to the expectation of the modern dwellers who wish to live life with passion.

Classy in architecture, enthralling in ethnicity, ultra modern in fittings, the residences elaborate the landmarks of luxury. In sync with the contemporary styles, 2/3/4 BHK apartments would be aesthetically appealing and are set to emanate a vivacity of life. Destined to delight eyes and fill hearts with contentment, Rajnagar Residency abodes allure the future residents with their magical spell.

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